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Crystalline Meridian

We are a training company that acts in the area of Micropigmentation, Dermapigmentation, Advanced Aesthetic Medicine and Functional Rehabilitation. We are specialists in Scalp Micropigmentation , Micropigmentation / Microblading and Dermapigmentation and Liftings without Surgery in Lisbon , Portugal.

We are solo distributors and trainers of two premium brands worldwide in two countries: Portugal ,ACCOR PLASMA PEN PORTUGAL  and in Thailand , ACCOR PLASMA PEN THAILAND and NOUVEAU CONTOUR THAILAND .

The Crystalline Meridian Permanent Make-up Center aims to provide the best services in the field of aesthetic medicine and Beauty line, betting on innovation and quality, making a difference in the market where quality is prestigious.

Certified by DGERT (Directorate General for Employment and Labor Relations) and with its courses duly approved by the IEFP (Institute for Employment and Vocational Training), Crystalline Meridian lda, assumes itself in the market as an entity that acts at the level of Training in MICROPIGMENTATION AND IN LIFTINGS WITHOUT SURGERY.

Master Sasinun Silva


Founder and CEO of Crystalline Meridian.Founder and CEO of Nouveau Contour Thailand, and Pacific Supreme enterprise Thailand. Of Thai origin, he studied Business Management. Master in micropigmentation formed by the best “PMU Artists” in Europe (Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy), and in Asia (Thailand, Malaysia and China). Exclusive distributor and Trainer of the Premium Nouveau Contour brand with offices in the Netherlands and USA. With extensive experience in the field of Micro and Derma pigmentation, having already trained more than 1000 students worldwide. Master Sasinun stands out for her professional side, in his dedication to her trainees and her human side, thus contributing to the individual success of each Trainee.

Specialist in Chinese Metaphysics in the design of eyebrows (Beauty & Lucky), being the only one in Portugal to practice this exclusive service, contributing to the growth of micropigmentation, through concepts based on visagism, based on Chinese metaphysics.

Always looking to bring new techniques, keeping to the highest level, participating annually in conferences, conferences and Master Classes. With frequent attendance every year in the championships organized in the Netherlands by the Nouveau Contour, where its graduates always stand out in the top of the rankings. Invited as Speaker and Board Jury at World Championships, Invited Speaker at the World Congress of Micropigmentation in China 2017. Invited as a panel Jury at the Portugal Microblading Championship 2018.Founder of the Thailand Forum 2017, where she attracted the most prestigious PMU Artists in the world.

Miguel Ângelo Silva


Clinic Physiologist, specialization in Functional Physical Rehabilitation at the Physical Medicine Center of the Cuf Clinic –Alvalade. Master degree in Physical Exercise and Wellness in the field of health, nutrition and exercise, Specialist in conventional treatment on morbid obesity after bariatric surgery at the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias. He left for South Africa where he danid”externship” in Cardiac Rehabilitation (chronic pathologies and cardiovascular diseases) at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg-South Africa.

Formed by the best PMU Artists in the World in the area of Micropigmentation (Nouveau Contour Thailand; Capillary Tricopigmentation by Tony Belfatto creator of the Capillary Tricopigmentation in the World.) Direct assistant of Tony Belfatto in the Forum Thailand 2017 and Graduated in SMP and credited worldwide as Master in Scalp Micropigmentation by Master Nisanard Do Minh.

Founder and CEO of Crystalline Meridian; Training Manager and Pedagogical Coordinator of the Training department of Crystalline Meridian Portugal.

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