Micropigmentation is a procedure to deposit micro pigment into your skin  at the upper third of the dermis layer.

How can be safe of Micropigmentation procedure ?

So you should make sure before started any  procedures as below information
would help you to secure your treatment , beautiful with safety.

  • Make an appointment for a consultation with permanent make-up artist for pre-design and for patch test for anesthetic cream and micro pigment.


  • Before any procedure, make sure that your health is good , rest well,don’t drink alcohol 24 hours before treatment etc  or if you have any doubt with your health stage , you must inform your permanent make- up artist  to ensure the highest level of safety.


  • Inform your permanent make-up artist if you have any allergies or any other clinical information that you might not sure.


  • Knowledge and experience of permanent make-up artist , you should see some of their works and certificate .


  • Care of the products : Micro pigment , anesthetic , safety device.


  • Work place clean and hygiene.


Micropigmentation is a safe treatment  if you well aware for those above  information.